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Experience Cinema On Your Own Terms...

Live The TV and Movie Experience

Let I.T.S. be your entree into the world of Cinema

  • TV & Movie Studios 
    • See the Movie lots of your favorite show or maybe be part of the audience 
  • Theaters
    • Tour where the awards are given or maybe attend a premiere of a TV or Movie  
  • Movie Locations 
    • So many places to visit or stay for a night or two.  The more time you plan the more opportunities can be made available for your next visit.  Contact our Sales Team with your itinerary. 

 Limo Service

Limo Service

REMEMBER to plan early:  Some show tickets must be ordered months in advance. 

Don't forget to add additional options to your TV Movie Studio Tour 

Beverages - Dinner - Museums- Movie Back Lots 

I.T.S. gives you the chance not only to see the work place of your favorite stars but to experience for yourself a little of the glamor that belongs only to the world of cinema.   Your Hollywood Tour can provide you the opportunity to watch or to live a moment that in some way is part of the many magic moments we share through our favorite movies.  Give us your preferences, itinerary and our Sales Team will put together your TV/Movie Tour of a lifetime. Request your Price Quote online today.
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I.T.S. Provides Tours That Let You See How Your Favorite Movie Was Made

Movie Magic

  • See the special effects of your favorite films or walk the back lots where many movies and TV shows are still filmed 

Specialty Museums  

  • Wander through museums of favorite genres like westerns, musicals, sf flicks etc... 

  • Wax Museums or private collections filled with special artifacts and Hollywood/movie memorabilia

  • Dining Tours

    Eat where your favorite celebrity have eaten or sometimes hang out

Or mix and match all three!

  • Share this experience with your friends 3 to 10 people can make up an excellent party with even a better group rate 

Tour Theaters and Concert Centers  

The premiere is where it all starts for every cinema star.  Even TV has pilots that are sometimes premiere before they are broadcast

Visit where awards such as Emmy, Oscar and the like are presented to the stars of today and yesteryear 

Tour the infamous places where movie history was made in times past or in the news today

 Limo Service

Limo ServiceLimo ServiceLimo Service 

Call our Sales Team For Price Quote or Request A Price Quote Online

Limo Service
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Limo Service

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